Does education tend to kill creativity from young?

World-renowned expert in education and creativity Sir Ken Robinson gave this very illuminating talk about why we need to change the paradigm of education. One very key point made is how education kills the ability to see possibilities out of one idea or concept, due to forcing upon students the desire for conformity. Its like there’s only one answer to any question, and nothing else can be considered. This kills any hopes to see beyond and consider numerous other answers, any of which can provide new insight and directions for new ideas.

I found it very educational (forgive the pun) and it hits the problem right on the head: why many people think they are not creative today.

2 thoughts on “Does education tend to kill creativity from young?

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  2. Oh absolutely! Somehow schools became centres in churning out cogs in the great machine we call the economy. Instead of nurturing real talent, skills and intelligence. Especially missed out on nurturing latent creativity.

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