Striptease + Cycling = Losing Weight!

I just saw this cool ad on youtube and thought its a fantastic example of how Connections work in creating a new idea: by connecting 2 separate ideas together to create something new.

In this case, they combined the idea of a striptease and that of cycling and lo and behold! A new way to lose those calories!

Enjoy the video.

Creativity and originality: how original are “new” innovative ideas?

One of the questions I am posed at my workshops is, how truly original are the ideas being created at these sessions? After all, to break new ground and be innovative, there must be a “new” element in these ideas, something (hopefully) no one has thought of before.

Let me surprise you: new ideas are also copied ideas.

Yup, you heard me right. New ideas are not 100% “new” as we think of the term, but “borrowed” from something else. But there is a key difference between the first idea, and the new idea that borrowed from it: it gets modified in the new idea. Let me explain.

There are basically 3 stages involved when solving a business issue with a new idea. The first stage is to define what the issue really is. Usually the issue is not as straightforward as it may appear. Continue reading