This Christmas, remember to send your greeting – differently!

Its the time of the year again. Besides the shopping, wrapping and baking (and eating of course), there’s also the Christmas greetings to be sent to your family, friends, customers, clients, partners… the list may be endless.

So like most people, you may start scrambling to get the cards out, scribble a warm wish and sign off. Many companies usually have all staff signing off, some even have cards pre-printed with all signatures. I’ve had my share of cards coming my way signed off this way. What can be more impersonal than that? In this day of paper and tree-saving, its almost a crime to do this again.

So imagine my delight to hear what a good friend is doing for all her clients and partners: send them a video greeting!

The company is Redbox Studio, located in Penang but serving clients all over Malaysia. I came across her post on Facebook, and liked it immediately. Its simple, elegantly done and spreads good wishes and cheer in a more personal way. Please tell me, is there anyone on the receiving end who won’t be touched and awed at this effort?

Is it a simple idea? Of course. Is it brilliant? You bet! Because it brings more credibility to their greeting and well wishes, that it came from their hearts. Anyone can send a greeting by cards, or e-cards (the usual way these days). But how many think of doing it differently, or in a way not done before?

Which begs the question: so why aren’t others doing the same? Don’t ask me why – I can only surmise perhaps its a lack of ideas, or creative thinking, or laziness, inertia, or lack of support, who knows? But can you imagine what can happen if the company actually decides to do something different?

They can fire the imagination of the staff, spark off unusual ideas, create an atmosphere of excitement and fun along the way, and end by creating something unusual which everyone is proud of calling their handiwork. So what if its not so “original”? But if it breaks the usual way of doing things, while achieving the aims of relationship building or even more, then the question that should be asked is… why not?

Have fun creating!

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