An awesome idea: Win customers by making them disloyal!

Get more customers – by making them disloyal!

How’s that for a brilliant example of how “Reversal Thinking” works in creating a bold new idea?

This idea has its roots in England where the 2009 World Barista champion Gwilym Davies initiated the idea in his own café. Erik Posthuma from Antics – Digital Creative Agency and Luke Norman – coffee connoisseur and writer of, decided to try it out in Singapore. The participating cafés were Jewel Coffee, Smitten, Jimmy Monkey, Loysel’s Toy, Forty Hands, Oriole, Broers Café & SOHO Coffee.

The campaign ended on 31st December 2011. From what I heard, the response from customers, cafes, and publications like Springwise has been great.

When almost every retailer I heard of is working their guts off thinking up new tactics and promotions in winning over customers, this concept came as a refreshing breeze.

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Link: How To Be More Interesting (In 10 Simple Steps)

A great, short and sweet article I just found on Forbes site. Click here to read it.

Now isn’t that just what we should do? Be simple, be shameless, be aware, be innocent, just kick off those shoes and dance and live and share. In short, its about being you. Ignore what people are going to say. Ignore your ego, or the naysayers inside you and outside, go explore, discover, play. Just do.