About this site

Its all about the power, wonder, creation and impact of Ideas.

Before we can talk about innovation, we need to first start with the One Big Idea. My passion is helping organisations and people learn how to create their One Big Idea to bring about the change they are seeking.

I open minds to new possibilities and potential, and together we will create lasting changes that are either new solutions or new opportunities which have never been thought of before.

This blogsite serves in providing directions, thoughts and answers to the many and varied questions I have received from participants and companies at my workshops on the subjects of Creativity, Innovation and Ideas.

Come along the journey together with me to explore and discover new dimensions to these subjects, new developments in their fields, about people who moved the world with their brilliant ideas, and almost anything out there that excites and inspires us to keep creating new change.

Being creative can be challenging, but also fun, exciting and rewarding. And I wish to show you how to make the best of it for yourself and your organisation. Let me part with this line:

Life at work:
isn’t it all about the people you work with
and the wonders you can create with them?

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