Contact Me When…

  • Your organisation needs new inspiration and ideas for challenging issues
  • When old ideas just don’t cut it any more in this age of rapid change
  • You need new strategies, directions and ideas for your business
  • You need open minds and creative thinking in your staff
  • You need to create a more forward-looking and innovative organisation that embraces change and breaks new ground

I help organisations create brilliant new solutions through opening minds, breaking mental barriers and seeing new possibilities.

I provide:

  • “How did the squirrel inspire a fashion show?” – 1.5 hour talk
    A highly engaging and popular talk to show how brilliant ideas happen, and how participants can try their hand creating them. Includes humour and a lot of interactive games and activities for a hands-on learning session. Ideal for lunchtime talk, conferences, keynote address, annual corporate gatherings, and any platform with mass audience.
  • “Skills from off the beaten path” – 1 hour Talk
    There are skills and there are “skills”. This talk aims to get the audience picking up the importance of additional skills that they would not normally consider as helpful, but in fact can complement or raise their professional and personal potential. It will help them shift their mindset towards such uncommon skill-sets, and learn to accept them as useful for their own progress. What skill-sets will be revealed will surprise them.

Whichever your choice, you are promised a very dynamic, interactive, experiential and exciting session that will keep your participants active, imaginative, spontaneous and fully immersed as they learn.

Contact Points 

Phone:    +65 3158 3802 (Singapore/Malaysia) / +91 81308 45811 (India)
Skype:     prabhjitpanu

Or send your enquiry below:

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